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NebulaBuddy 2.0

NebulaBuddy 2.0

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🚀 Take your space to the next level with our NebulaBuddy 2.0!

Looking for ways to spice things up? This projector will elevate any room with its 8 mesmerizing nebula effects and twinkle of green stars. Use it as a night light to create a serene atmosphere for movie nights, date nights, or gaming sessions. Also, with 360° rotational technology, you can position it any way you like. It's the perfect addition to bedrooms, game rooms, home theaters, and living rooms. Whether it's for kids or adults, the NebulaBuddy 2.0 makes for a perfect gift. Transform any space into a modern and unique one today!


✨【Journey to the Cosmos】 Experience the wonders of the universe with our astronaut light projector. Featuring a sleek design with a rotatable arm and a 360-degree revolving head, it lets you create an array of mesmerizing poses. Your aspiring space enthusiast can let their imagination soar as they explore the cosmos with this nebula and star projector. It's not just a night light; it's the perfect room decor.

✨【Dazzling LED Cosmic Displays】 Immerse yourself in a world of celestial beauty with the NebulaBuddy2.0. You can manually or automatically switch between single-color, dual-color, and tri-color modes (featuring red, blue, and green hues). The nebula and starlight effects can be activated independently, casting a mesmerizing starry galaxy onto your bedroom walls or ceiling. Transport yourself to the vast expanse of the galaxy, setting a romantic ambiance for quality time with your loved ones.

✨【Convenient Remote Control and Auto Shutdown】 Our latest star projector comes with a user-friendly remote controller, allowing you to effortlessly turn the lamp on/off, adjust the lighting modes, and control the rotation speed. You can also set a timer for 45 minutes or 90 minutes, ensuring a peaceful night's sleep with the astronaut by your side.

✨【Project Your Dreams Anywhere】 Thanks to its innovative design, the NebulaBuddy2.0 allows the head and body of the astronaut to magnetically attract each other. This enables the projector to rotate freely in a 360-degree motion without any limitations, so you can project cosmic wonders wherever you desire.

✨【Gifts for Space Enthusiasts & Kids】 The NebulaBuddy2.0 is the perfect gift for birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, and universe-themed parties. It adds a touch of wonder and starry magic to room decor, inspiring children to unleash their curiosity, imagination, and creativity. It's also an ideal choice for indoor decoration, serving as a romantic mood light, night lamp, and bedside companion. Embark on a cosmic journey with NebulaBuddy2.0✨!

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