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Multicolor Bluetooth LED Strip Lights

Multicolor Bluetooth LED Strip Lights

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🌈 Tired of dull, single color LED lights and constantly misplacing your remote?

Discover our NEW HIGH TECH LED Lights that include a 38-Key Infrared Remote Control and Bluetooth Smart APP for convenient control and adjustment from anywhere in your home, office, or classroom! Available in lengths ranging from 3ft to 60ft, effortlessly enhance lighting in any desired area with ease! Our strip lights boast a built-in microphone and are reactive to music with an array of effects, making them perfectly designed for you! Enjoy multi-parameter adjustability for endless possibilities and never worry about losing your settings - LED Strip Lights automatically save them for you! With an IP20 rating, you can feel at ease using these lights indoors. Get creative with these efficient LED Strip Lights! ✨🎉🔥

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